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Anonymous asked: Hi !! I want to learn photoshop in your blog , would you give me a link to download photoshop which is do u use until now? I really need a photoshop software :( I hope you reply this , thanks xx

sure, there are a lot of download links here

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HEY EVERYONE, WE’RE BACK WITH ANOTHER PSD! After months being away for so long, we should’ve made a special pack with an apology, but well, screw it, save the special pack for another occasion.

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PSD 419 - tastesofparadise
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Should we make a comeback?

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Taylor Swift Icons #13 (Golden Globe Awards)

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PSD 418 - download

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Tom Hiddleston Icons #2

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Evan Rachel Wood Icons #1

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PSD #416  ➳  download link

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PSD 415  (◠‿◠✿) → download

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Lauren Jauregui (Fifth Harmony) Icons #1

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Selena Gomez Icons #34

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